What Is My Election Platform?

During the past nine years, residents complimented me for being dedicated, dependable, and engaged when it came to serving them.  I believe that is because:

  • I have represented residents at every Council meeting and at many community events (have a look at my Events page)
  • I have listened to all sides on notable community issues through conversations and online dialogues
  • I have been objective and strived to make logical decisions that represent the majority
  • I have treated residents equally, fairly, and with courtesy

On May 10th, I am seeking your continued support for Rothesay Town Council.

Over the next four years I will:

  • continue to encourage development while preserving our small town character and charm with an emphasis on green space and recreational opportunities
  • foster enhanced cooperation with neighbouring municipalities on shared services to achieve cost-effective delivery
  • support and advance climate change adaptation strategies to protect homes and infrastructure
  • continue work on enhancing the Town’s storm water management plans to further mitigate flooding
  • promote the development of affordable housing options for individuals, families, and seniors
  • work hard to maintain a stable tax rate

My campaign expenses are 100% self-funded.

Below is a copy of the postcards I will be safely delivering (i.e., while donning a face mask and gloves) to all doors in Rothesay.




One thought on “Platform

  1. Drew says:

    Committed and genuine.
    I’m in.

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